More About Me

Stress-free home buying or selling is the goal. Caroline Weil simplifies the process for her clients ensuring grounded and logical decisions can be made—throughout all of the contracts, negotiations and unpredictable market fluctuations. Caroline’s goal is to identify each clients’ needs and to guide them through with strong representation and care. When she represents someone, she eliminates the confusion of what the process will look like and makes sure that time is being used wisely. Time spent with a client means building lasting a relationship that doesn’t end after the transaction is completed.
With a Philosophy degree from Tulane University, Caroline applies her logical and analytical powers to working with clients and helping to solve their wants and needs. Her business background is in marketing and public relations, which is valuable knowledge when it comes to listing your house on the market and for buyers searching for a new home.
Born and raised in New Orleans, Caroline comes from an environment where hospitality and care for other people is a way of life. This fact is evident in how she shows up for her clients.